The wreck of the ‘Finback’

W. O. Douglas, 1919

Schooner EraIN THE SUMMER of 1919, I had come down to Chesterfield Inlet from the Royal North West Mounted Police detachment at Fullerton to meet the Hudson’s Bay Company supply ship Nascopie. In those days we, whose duties took us to remote places, had to develop our own methods of getting supplies to our units. The Nascopie could not possibly call at every port.

In my case, I had the Lady Borden, a well-powered tug, capable of towing a barge with our supplies. At that time, the Hudson’s Bay Company was still doing some freighting from Chesterfield Inlet to Baker Lake, using one of the old, half-decked-over coast boats. It was the last of these to see service in the Bay. continued …  The Wreck of the Finback



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