Thanks to ‘Chesterfield Inlet Elder’s Group Committee’, locally known the Parnaijiit (Katimajialaangit), for supporting this initiative to celebrate the spirit and identity of our people to preserve our culture and traditions for generations to come. The Parnaijiit committee mission statement is to ‘Preserve Inuit traditional knowledge (Inuit Piqqusituqanginnit kamaniq), Inuktitut language, the oral History, and the Archaeological or Heritage sites’. The My Community App project uses the technology to bridge the gap between generations of knowledge by engaging our Youth and Elders, an members in the community to share their stories.

We acknowledge the Victor Sammurtok School students and staff, the Elders and members of the community that took part in this initiative, this include the local Economic Development Officer, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet, and local members for moving this project forward with their dedication and support in implementing to preserve (Inuit) culture and traditions.

Parnaijiit Committee:

  • Casimir Kriterdluk – Chairperson
  • Louie Autut – Member
  • Leonie Putulik – Member
  • Janice Issaluk – Member
  • Jimmy Krako – Member

Information on the local Committee, please contact Secretary of Parnaijiit (Group Committee) Office t: 1- 867-898-9006 or the Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet t: 1-867-898-9206


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  • Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut
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