The Hudson’s Bay Company

The Hudson’s Bay Company establish a trading post, 1911 during the early fur pelt trade industry between the Inuit that provided trade/ wage for Inuit in the area. This photo taken approx. 1980’s (reveal original Hudson’s Bay Company post sign), which building was still used as retail store and warehouse for annual sealift by the Bay, 80’s. The structural building of the original complex (Hudson’s Bay Company) still stands today (now used for warehouse annual sealift or frozen products storage of weekly freight cargo by new sole owners – Northern Store). The original posts building’s of the Hudson’s Bay Company across territory were tender out early 1990’s to new sole owner’s of the Northern Store (head office Winnipeg, MB) that now operates retail stores, hardware, fresh produce and post-office etc.

The photo view Hudson’s Bay Company (complex) with Canadian flag raised; on the right is Hudson’s Bay Company (manager’s residence); above residence roof (on the hill) is the ships’ mast (embedded in concrete base) of the Hudson’s Bay Company retired from service on Hudson Bay coast in the area.

Photo credit: Dept. of ED&T – Government of Nunavut, Kivalliq Regional Office

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