Joe Ford (H.B.C.)

Photo credit: Joe Ford, 1949

Joe Ford wearing caribou skin parka. Photo right – Joe Ford (rifle stand on his side left), and unidentified young Inuk-man or possibly (Victor Sammurtok senior) on left sitting beside Joe (rifle standing on his side right).

In earlier days, during the early fur-pelt trade industry in the region of the Hudson’s Bay Company post in Chesterfield Inlet (Igluligaarjuk) when Joe Ford was working for the Bay at about age 19 (younger age); Maureen Coleman (daughter of Joe Ford) recall her dad and Sammurtok, Victor (senior) expressed themselves as, ‘Arnaqatees’ (in English cousin’s); basically, in token (the resemblance of their nose), as a gesture of companionship/ familiarity.

The photo left is an unidentified young Inuk (Eskimo) man sitting that was about Joe Ford age that hunted/ taught Joe Ford, the Inuit in the area taught Joe Ford Inuktitut language, how to build snow house building (Igloo) and dog =sled fine points, so did Victor Sammurtok, Maureen Coleman recall her father being taught by Victor some basic’s of the ‘Inuktitut language’. Victor (Sammurtok) in 1949 had polio so, when Joe Ford and his wife Mary Ford (Maureen Coleman parents) return to Chesterfield Inlet in the 1950’s, he (Victor) lived mainly in the hospital except in summer he may have gone to family tent.

Photo credit: Joe Ford, Hudson’s Bay Company post

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