Icing Runners (qamuti, snow sled)

Dave Sinnott, 1960

Icing runners, qamuti (snow sled); Cyril Nanaout (left) and Nuvak (right) on looking/ coordinating his son Cyril with the sled runners (qamuti). Photo taken by the residence of Nuvak or the DOT (Department of Transport) buildings area.

Nuvak (Noel); Dept. of Transport assistant standing by the radio station “VBZ”.

Photo credit: Dave Sinnott, Chesterfield Inlet photos, May, 1960 – 1961

  • X3Nw>p5 - Parnaijiit – Chesterfield Inlet Elder’s Group Committee
  • Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut
  • Canada X0C 0B0