Library and Archives Canada, 1952

Social life in Chesterfield Inlet (From left to right: Clara Ford, Hapanak Hakuluk, Taligvak Hakuluk playing the accordion, Iquaq (Madaline) Tartak, Tulugak Okpatauyak and Lizzie Ittinuar. The woman on the far right end of the bench unidentified. 1952

Square dances were generally hosts in the school or the Hudson’s Bay Company post (complex) warehouse.

Community Elders who were born at Cape Fullerton in Inuktitut Qatiktalik in those days (early days) recalled wearing ornate parkas, and learning to play the concertina, introduced by the whalers.

Photo credit: Library and Archives Canada


  • X3Nw>p5 - Parnaijiit – Chesterfield Inlet Elder’s Group Committee
  • Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut
  • Canada X0C 0B0