Royal North West Mounted Police post barracks

The Royal North West Mounted Police post barracks was establish in 1903, in an attempt to establish sovereignty in the Northwest Territory along the coast of Hudson Bay, the Canadian Government decided to send the North West Mounted Police into the arctic to provide a year round presence during the whaling activities of the early American whalers (Euro-American whalers). In 1903-09-23, under the direction of Superintended J.D. Moodie, the first North West Mounted Police posts was established at Cape Fullerton in Inuktitut Qatiktalik. While sovereignty was the primary reason for the establishment of the post, the four police officers were responsible for the administration of the whaling licenses, collecting customs, controlling the flow of liquor and maintaining order in the North.

Cape Fullerton is approximately 65 kilometres northeast of Chesterfield Inlet along the coast of Hudson Bay.

Photo courtesy Pete Garvey, Cst. – Chesterfield Inlet Detachment, August 9, 2008



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