Chesterfield Inlet, D.O.T. Radio Station “VBZ” from tower

Norman Sanders, 1945

Nov. 17, 1945. Chesterfield Inlet, Dog team moving coal/ Radio station. D.O.T. Radio Station “VBZ” from tower. Dept. of Transport Coastal Radio Station “VBZ”, lists as follows – back porch Hydrogen cylinders, Eskimo (Inuk) and dog team moving bags of coal, Theodolite, Nuvaks house (Eskimo helper), Thermometers, Chicken house, R.C.M.P. storage & Huskies, Doctor’s House, Hudson Bay tidal waters.

Photo credit: Norman Sanders

  • X3Nw>p5 - Parnaijiit – Chesterfield Inlet Elder’s Group Committee
  • Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut
  • Canada X0C 0B0