Barge from “Nascopie”

Norman Sanders, 1946

Barge from “Nascopie” unloading the next year’s supplies for the Dept. of Transport Coastal Radio Station, August, 1946. Chesterfield Inlet, NWT, Dept. of Transport Coastal Radio Station “VBZ”, Sept., 1946.

Chesterfield Inlet, N.W.T.; white building on far side of bay is Hudson’s Bay Co. warehouse and fur trading store. Their ship HMS Nascopie, London Eng., anchored out in bay (tidal waters and no docks), hence everything brought in on the barges carried on the ship. Paid labour are the local Inuit folk. No cash, just a credit to their account at the H.B.Co. Store.

Photo credit: Norman Sanders

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  • Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut
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